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Intergroup Mission

The S.L.A.A. Arkansas Intergroup (IG) consists of representatives whose purpose is to support area S.L.A.A. Groups as they carry the message of recovery to the sex and love addict who still suffers by providing resources, communication, structure and representation.


The S.L.A.A. Arkansas Intergroup has three primary areas of responsibility. 

  1. Resources
  2. Communication
  3. Structure
  4. Representation

Note: The IG is currently in the process of bringing clarity to each of these areas. As this happens, these responsibilities will be fleshed out and updated.

Group Contact Info

You may contact your Intergroup Representative at the following email address.

  1. Litte Rock -
  2. North Little Rock -
  3. Conway -
  4. Saline County -
  5. Women's Meeting - 

What is an Intergroup?

The purpose of an Intergroup is to act as a service center for groups and assist in the responsibility to carry the message in a specified region. The Arkansas Intergroup currently includes meetings in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Bryant and Conway. Fellowship-Wide Services relies heavily on Intergroups to help carry the message to current and potential members of the program. S.L.A.A. groups, especially new groups, need as much support as possible in order to grow and flourish. The Intergroup is there to provide that support.

Intergroups do a variety of activities for the meetings they represent including creating meeting lists and newsletters, running conventions and workshops, holding special meetings and fundraising events. Intergroups also act as guardians of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions aiding groups in interpreting the Steps and Traditions as well as encouraging their use at meetings and in individual recovery.

Who is on our Intergroup?

Each local fellowship elects an Intergroup Representative (I.G.R.) who is is the link between his or her group and S.L.A.A. as whole. The I.G.R. represents the group conscience, reporting to the Intergroup and/or to the delegate, who passes this on to the Conference. Because of our commitment anonymity, we do not publish a list of current volunteers who service on our Intergroup. However, a list is available at our local meetings with the first name and last initial of each member and a contact method to communicate with them.

Additionally, the IG allows for the positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasure, and Fellowship Wide Services Delegate.  These positions are elected by the I.G.R.s.

When does our Intergroup meet and who can come?

Intergroup Meetings occurs on the last Sunday of the first month of each quarter. These meeting occur at CHI St. Vincent usually in Conference Room Four  at 2:15 PM. They are open to all S.L.A.A. Members.


Minutes from our Intergroup Meetings are available for download here.

Files coming soon.